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~ Presents ~
David Lynn
The Dawn of Life

Charles Darwin (1809-1882) conjoined decades of keen field observations with his investigative spirit and the knowledge of his day to produce what some consider the most significant scientific works ever authored. As relevant as ever, Darwin’s worldview offers a basis for understanding – and solving – the 21st century’s ecological crisis.
Borrowing from the words of Theodosius Dobzhansky, the great evolutionary biologist, “Nothing in biology makes sense except in the light of evolution.”

Tampa Bay United Coalition of Reason presents:
David Lynn
The Dawn of Life on Earth
Saturday, February 7th 2015, at 12:30
At Clearwater Unitarian Universalist Octagon
2470 Nursery Road, Clearwater, FL 33764 Map. See the introductory Video here.

Event cost: $25
. Student ID - $10.
Buy Tickets
at the door.
or, call: or, see any Council/Coalition organization.

Dr. David Lynn's original research into the chemistry of life's beginnings has brought him wide recognition well outside the scientific community.
The David G. Lynn Group at Emory University works to understand the structures and forces that enable supramolecular self-assembly, how chemical information can be stored and translated into new molecular entities, and how the forces of evolution can be harnessed in new structures with new function. Such knowledge offers tremendous promise for discoveries in fields as diverse as drug design and genome engineering, pathogenesis and genome evolution, functional nanoscale materials and the origins of living systems. He has served as Chair of Emory's Department of Chemistry since 2006.

~ David Lynn~

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2015 marks the 206th anniversary of
the birth of Charles Darwin, whose
researches and original concepts
have provided a foundation for
much of modern science.
It is also the
156th anniversary (Nov. 24) of the
publication of
The Origin of Species.

We will mark February 7th 2015
with this event, designed to enhance
the public understanding and
appreciation of science in all its

E-mail us at: information@evolvetampa.com
for more.

Charles Darwin 1809-1882


Sponsored by the organizations of TBCoR. After Feb. 6th 2015, tickets
can be purchsed at the door only.
Recommended for adults; suitable for children 12 & up.

Dr. Hull is a Professor of Psychology & Neuroscience
at Florida State University. Her studies regarding the psychological and neurological bases for religious belief
are widely regarded as casting new light on the
psychodynamics of a most important area of human development.