Florida Darwin Council & the Tampa Bay Coalition of Reason

~ Presents ~
Richard Dawkins
Author of: A Brief Candle in the Dark

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"My eyes are constantly wide open to the extraordinary fact of existence. Not just human existence, but the existence of life and how this breathtakingly powerful process, which is natural selection, has managed to take the very simple facts of physics and chemistry and build them up to redwood trees and humans."
Richard Dawkins

Saturday, October 10th 2015, at
7 PM

At Clearwater Unitarian Universalist Octagon
2470 Nursery Road, Clearwater, FL 33764 Map.

On October 10th 2015, One of the world's great evolutionary biologists, Dr. Richard Dawkins will make his only Southeast US appearance in Clearwater Florida. The event is sponsored by the Tampa Bay Coalition of Reason.
Participants will receive an autographed copy Professor Dawkins new book, and will have an opportunity to see him engage with Dr. Silverman about some of the meaningful experiences that comprise this great new autobiography.

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Introduced by
Herb Silverman 
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Charles Darwin 1809-1882

Dr. Herb Silverman is founder and president emeritus of the Secular Coalition for America; founder of the Secular Humanists of the Lowcountry in Charleston, South Carolina; and founder and former faculty adviser to the College of Charleston student Atheist/Humanist Alliance. He is a board member of the American Humanist Association; advisory board member of the Secular Student Alliance; and an "On Faith" blogger for the Washington Post online.
But mostly he's a really funny guy, whose political adventures, and wry, ironic narrative style have won many admirers in the freethought community.